Lapua .300 WinMag 170gr Naturalis Box 10rds


As the .300 Win Mag. is known for its accuracy, hunters have found the cartridge to be an effective all-around choice for various types of game and hunting conditions. Most firearms manufacturers chamber for this caliber and there are numerous rifle options to choose from. With Lapua’s new .300 Win Mag. case we now also offer the .300 Win Mag. ammo loaded with the 11,0 gram / 170 grain Naturalis bullet. The third generation Lapua Naturalis bullet with its special valve design offers a completely lead-free option with that perfect mushrooming effect. With muzzle velocities that enable extremely straight flight trajectories, these rounds are an obvious choice for long range hunting or for situations that demand significant stopping power.


Caliber: .300 Win Mag.
Bullet: Naturalis
Product no.: N317204
Muzzle velocity: 902 m/s (2959 fps)
Bullet Code: N558
Bullet weight: 11.0 g (170 gr)
Purpose: Hunting
BC G1: 0.354
BC G7: 0.177
Twist rate: 1-11”
Bullet type: Lead-free copper

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