Blaser R8 Stock/Receiver Ultimate Carbon, Right Hand w/ Brown Leather – A082UL20CF


Blaser R8 Stock/Receiver Ultimate take into account an integral alloy metal receiver and all Blaser R8 Stock Receiver units include a fire control unit trigger group. Alloy is standard unless specified as steel. The brand suggests firearm users to use a steel receiver with .458 Lott and .500 Jeffery calibers. Except Blaser R8 Success, all synthetic stocks are equipped with double palm swell and have no cheekpiece or cast, making them ambidextrous. Wooden stocks are true left or right hand with single palm swell, cast, and cheek piece. Many Wood stock R8 models are available in a left hand version. Barrel channel contours available in standard, semi-weight and safari. All stocks are standard unless specified otherwise. Magazine inserts are supplied with each barrel.
Choose from the adaptive and exceptionally strong Blaser R8 Stock Receivers for sale. They allow most buttocks to quickly attach or unattach and accept different forestocks and accessories. Add the price of barrel, bolt housing and bolt head to get the price of a complete rifle.


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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 3 × 10 in


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