R8 Professional Success Black Edition Rifle


The Blaser R8 Professional Success Black Edition not only provides accurate shooting with its perfect ergonomics, but also provides a splash of extravagance with a black brace with gold-plated lettering, gold-plated trigger, and titanium-nitrided bolt head and a bolt handle ball made of blued steel. The R8 Black Edition combines a robust black-brown synthetic stock with weatherproof cocoa leather inlays for a refined look. Blaser’s signature Professional Success thumb-hole stock gives active hunters the crucial edge for continuous successful shooting. The R8 Professional Success Black Edition stock provides a completely relaxed posture of shooting hand and arm, regardless of the aiming position. Thus, vexatious flinching is almost completely eliminated by itself providing the most important preparation for the accurate shot in any hunting conditions. The dynamic shape of the R8 Professional Success Black Edition underlines the high demands Blaser is placing on this product: simply the best for successful shooting!

Sporting shooters have been using special rifle stocks for decades. They know that you shoot much more accurately with them! So why should not hunters use the best stock available, too? As hunters are not aiming at inanimate targets, but are striving to cleanly kill live game, the perfect stock is essential. Once a hunter has tried a thumbhole stock, they rarely want to use anything else.



Weatherproof cocoa leather inlays. Black anodized steel brace on the buttstock with gold-colored lettering.


Titanium-nitrided, gold-colored trigger and bolt head. Blued steel bolt handle ball.


Ergonomically optimized stock provides a relaxed hand and arm posture in any shooting position. Vexatious flinching is reduced to a minimum.


The R8 Versatility is a class of its own.? This interchangeable system offers calibers from .222 Rem. to .500 Jeffery.? Flawless return-to-zero accuracy for both scope mount and barrel insure perfect shot placement.? Ideal for travel.


The R8 Trigger breaks like glass at 2 lbs (900 g).? Desmodromic design for reliability under all conditions.


The R8 Straight Pull Action eliminates unnecessary movement.Insuring enough time for perfect shot placement.? When aiming is measured in heartbeats.? Ergonomically perfect in design and function.


The R8 Manual Cocking System offers superior safety.? No conventional safety system surpasses an un-cocked striker.? Pushing the cocking lever ?forward in the off safe position cocks the striker and the rifle ?is ready to fire.


Optional add-on Illumination Control (iC) couples the control of the reticle illumination to the operation of the rifle.? A sensor in the eyepiece recognizes the position of the cocking slide and automatically regulates the switch-on/-off function of the illuminated reticle.? Rifle Cocked = Illuminated Dot Active


Color: Black-Brown

Detachable Magazine: Yes

Barrel: Round

Muzzle Thread: Optional

Capacity: See Caliber Overview

Trigger: 2 lbs (900 g)

Stock: Cocoa leather grip inlays

Cheek Piece: R8 Professional Success

Recoil Rubber Pad: Yes

Bolt Head and Trigger: Gold (titanium-nitrided)

Bolt Handle: Blued steel ball

Sights: Optional contrast sights

Kickstop: Optional

Weight: 7 lb 4 oz (standard configuration)


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